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Cool On The Inside

Cool on the Inside is for 13-17 year old girls. Run as a one day workshop or a 6 or 8 week ongoing group, it is filled with lively conversations and a rich variety of activities to support girl’s positive body image, social and emotional wellbeing and emerging sexuality, in a body-centred and relational way.

At Cool on the Inside girls:

  • practice key emotional and social awareness strategies
  • enjoy craft, movement and self-care activities
  • participate in pithy guided conversations
  • explore powerful steps to a positive body image
  • learn about menstrual cycle wellbeing
  • talk about love and sexuality, sexual health and fertility

And, explore: Teenagers talk about periods

  • the intrigue and magic of romance and sexuality. The practicalities of sexual health – how to think through your needs and how to talk about it
  • practical ways to support a healthy relationship with their female body – developing an awareness which empowers and underpins a healthy body image
  • emotional wellbeing and positive body image, skills for communication, conflict management and connection.

Please contact us for more information and how to book.

Encourage teen girls to talk about periods

Cool On The Inside was created by Jane Bennett in 2004 and is designed to maximise girls’ awareness of self and others and to train them in empowering skills and practices that will support their journey toward a glorious womanhood.



Emily is a trained facilitator of this work, accredited by Jane.

Alongside Cool On The Inside, we also offer coaching for parents/carers, working with you one to one to best support your daughter and your own journey with your cycle at the same time. Please contact us to arrange a no-cost session to discuss how we can work with you to make this a connected and close time with your girl.