Boys and girls learning about puberty together

We are working on several school projects – developing resources for primary schools (watch this space, free downloads available soon), working with Hey Girls and working with teachers on how best to support their pupils as they start their menstruating years. It is well documented that girls’ self esteem and wellbeing can plummet as they progress through adolescence, and we believe that their experience of periods has a lot to do with this.

We are working in collaboration with youth workers, menstrual educators and PSHE lead teachers.

“The issue of really comprehensive menstrual education is one that we have long overlooked in our schools. I feel we have been too content to cover the biological facts without supporting girls and young women in a positive way to embrace the significant changes they are experiencing. Your session today was very well received by the teachers. It really inspired them to think again about this issue in their schools and showed they are very keen to take this further and lead the way in championing this in all our schools” Julie Coulthard, Public Health Principle, Bristol Schools

Please contact us if you would like more information or if you’d like your school or community to be involved.

Hey Girls logoWe are also really excited to have been working with Hey Girls, developing an innovative education resource for schools and other settings. It is due to be launched in 2019 so watch this space!


Logo Mense Ed Growing a positive menstrual culture in schools

Mense-Ed provides practical and engaging menstrual education workshops for teachers and school staff to support the creation of a positive menstrual culture in their school. Please contact us or see the website for more information and booking.

Emily has been developing this specific program for teachers and school staff with Jane Bennett and a team of other Celebration Day for Girls facilitators in Australia.

We really want to know what young people and teachers want. We’d love you to contact us with your thoughts and concerns about how your pupils learn about the menstrual cycle, what you know is going well, and what you feel could be improved upon.